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Strong remote viewing experience I had.

Yesterday I was at a music studio, recording some songs. As in every studio, there is the studio room where I was at, and another room separated by a window, where the sound guy stays usually. I was with my back turned to the window, recording looking to the wall in the oposite direction, which there is no reflective surfaces. I was in the middle of the recording in that position, and suddenly I saw a man in my mind with long hair and a yellow shirt throught a window that looked pretty much like the one in the studio, the image I got in my head was so clear that I got scared and looked behind me by reflex, and then I saw through the window the man I saw in my mind, in the same exact position. Its like if I was suddenly looking through my back without looking physicaly. I was amazed by the accuracy and clarity of this vision, Its really like if I looked behind my back with my own eyes. This was the strongest spontaneous remote viewing experience I had by far, till now. Now I wonder what wouldn´t be possible to do when able to control this skill by will at that level. I guess thats what the CIA and the United States tried to use to spy on Russia. It would be tremendously effective if well developed. Feel free to give your experiences on this area.


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I ended up in a fight on a bus as a teen defending my friends Girlfriend from a lecherous dick. As I was pummeling him I saw behind me one of his friends advancing and did a reverse kick accurately sending him into a pole and onto the ground. Perhaps I picked up a window reflection however it all happened so fast and the accuracy of the kick was perfect. I saw the whole thing unfold before it happened and let my body just react.


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owltwelve vs shirak. psionic martial artist vs psionic martial artist

think what you will. i'm just saying. might be interesting to see what would happen while they competed an a ring...

john mccarthy: are you ready? (points to shirak)

shirak: *nodds*

john mccarthy: are you ready? (points to owltwelve)

owltwelve: *nodds*

jm: *claps all hard* let's get it on!


6 minutes later

....what's with you guys breathing all weird...?

...and why haven't either of you taken a single step since the match started......?


the feeling of it moving

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Lol, the last line is pretty funny:)

"Worry about self delusion, after you have succeeded." -Owltwelve

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Lol biggrin


Haven't had any RV experiences this strong yet. 

Happened to see a documentary on a Russian channel. They had also been using remote viewing for copying blueprints, locating military bases and stuff. It would be pretty amazing to read the conspectus via RV during an exam.


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