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Download link here author has given permission to share.

 Pg 92 (Fair use educational reasons)
"Levitation of the Physical body
Step One:
Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and perform the Q-MM.
In your owntime, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Feel your chest rise and fall.
Step Two
: Visualize the Base Chakra. Visualize the same golden energy mentioned in chapter24. See and feel it trickling out of the jewel and spreading into the chakra. As the chakra spins,see the chakra becoming golden in color. Feel that energy.
Step Three
: Focus on the second chakra and do the same. See the jewel at the center, and seethis radiant energy trickling into the 2nd chakra. Fill it with radiant energy.
Step Four
: Move on to the 3rd chakra and do the same. Repeat this process for all the chakras.In your own time, see the Kundalini trickle over the top of each chakra, and feel the warmsensation of the Kundalini as it flows through your physical body. Feel how light the Kundaliniis in your body. Spread the energy through you legs, arms and chest. Pass that energy throughyour entire being. Do this for a while. Make sure your body is light and golden.
Step Five
: Once you have reached the seventh chakra, see the seven chakras and feel this lightgolden energy continually flowing into the chakras until it starts to over flow into the physicalbody. Do this for around about ten minutes.
Step Six
: Before going any further, place your hands like in the picture below.
Step Seven
: As the golden energy begins to flow out into the physical body, see the energyspreading through you entire body. Feel how light your body feels as the golden energy blendswith your body. Relax.
Step Eight
: In your own time, take a slow, deep breath inward. As you breathe inward, feel yourbody getting lighter. As you breathe outward, release more energy into your body until yourwhole being is covered in this golden light. Do this a couple of times.
Step Nine
: After a couple of minutes, when your physical body is feeling very light, take anotherdeep breath and hold it. Feel your body rising off the ground, ten centimeters in height. If youneed to, use your hand to help you push off like in the image on the next page.
Step Ten
: If you have done this right, drop your hands down and touch the surface below. If youcan not feel the surface of the ground, don't worry. Just release a small amount of air from yourlungs until the tips of your fingers touch the surface. Hold it there.
Step Eleven
: In your own time, slowly release the air from your lungs and bring your body back down with the breath until you are resting on the hands. If you want, take another breath inward.You will rise. Return to the ground on the exhale.
Take Note
: If you rise too high, don't freak out. Just release a small amount of air from yourlungs to lower your body again.
Helpful hints for this technique
: Visualize that you are in a meadow. See a cloud just aboveyou, and bring that cloud over your body. See your physical body as the cloud and see the cloudrise on the in-breath and lower on the out-breath.
Step Twelve
: Relax and feel at One with all things. When you are ready, open your eyes
: If you don't rise at first, don't worry. Its almost impossible to master this techniquethe first time. Even after years of experience, you might have to repeat this process ten timesbefore you lift. Just keeping working at it.
: Ask your Higher-Self about this technique, if you have any doubts, before moving on.If something does go wrong, it can be very frightening. Study Kundalini yoga, as this will helpyou."

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Amazing find shirak this has magnificent info and useful techniques!! Id press like if we were on facebook!! Thanks man :)


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Thanks for the share man:)

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Thanks Shirak this looks awesome,   some christmas reading i think



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Link no longer works. You deserve to read this book.

Here you go. :)


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Thanks @Vixiphicus. Though I think Sendspace is actually one of those annoying sites that deletes files when they become inactive, so here's a Google Drive mirror for in case that ever happens:

What does everyone think of the accuracy of this information? There seems to be a lot of conspiracy stuff in it, like when the author says he/she isn't giving certain information because some dangerous group wouldn't like it, presumably a group too dangerous even for someone with those powers to stand against. That seems like the kind of thing someone would have mentioned to me by now considering my goals and values I've mentioned here, not least in one recent thread of mine. :p Also that part sounds kind of like the typical delusions of a paranoid schizophrenic, not saying that's definitely what it is of course but just that it's a possibility.

Anyone here know anything about the existence or lack thereof of such a group? And what about the rest of the book? Cause it all looks very intriguing to say the least. :)

Any ideas what website it could be that he/she mentions at the beginning of page 40, or why they aren't naming it? Cause I know I'm not at that level yet but it definitely got me curious.

EDIT: Also there's a lot of stuff that says "(See next page...)" at the end of a paragraph, but the next page is something entirely different. There aren't any pages missing from the PDF, are there?


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