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Post Info TOPIC: How The Body Performs Psychokinesis (How Brain, Gut And Microbes Help Us In Psychokinesis)


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How The Body Performs Psychokinesis (How Brain, Gut And Microbes Help Us In Psychokinesis)

Hey everyone I wanted to share my own research investigating How Brain, Gut & Microbes Help Us develop and perform in psychokinesis. From what I've seen its the brain and gut axis. Its the enteric nervous system. Check out my video Ive made to get a better understanding. Its a brief over view.    (Ive also posted a long about this on here a few weeks ago)


It has also been seen the microbes Help in the development and construct of the brain it self. My theory is that there might be away to use specific microbes to increase regions of the brain help in psychokinesis. One of these regions are our intentions (Cerebral cortex and parietal lobe). The intention is one of the main important factors in moving objects with telekinesis. There are four dominant bacterial phyla in the human gut are Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Actinobacteria, and Proteobacteria. There are aerobic microbes like the Streptococcus and Lactobacillus found in the top half and bottom half of the small intestines. These microbes need oxygen to live and thrive which means that this is where our bio energy  (Chi energy) can be developed through digestion (which the microbes do) and intestine absorption and other means. We gain oxygen from normal  breathing of air, doing qi gong exercises and from certain foods. These two microbes also exist in the stomach. Most of the microbes are anaerobic (dont need oxygen to live).

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Ricky Cespedes

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Ricky1, I feel that this is one of the greatest contributions I've seen since I've been practicing PK. Thank you for sharing:)

"Worry about self delusion, after you have succeeded." -Owltwelve
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