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Déjà vu

I have been wondering if anyone know more about deja vu's because i am having lots of them, at least once a week. the most recent experience was at my math class a week ago when the teacher was explaining a new part of our course and when she wrote a formula and some arrows indicating replacements I suddenly felt like I had seen that exact image or moment before. and it was like it had happened an hour ago because the memory of that situation was so solid. but there is no way that it happened before.

if someone could explain that kind of things i would really appreciate it.

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Hi, I would also be interested in any explanations for deja-vu like experiences.


I have also had periods when I get these experiences pretty often. I have tried to gather as much information as possible from the feeling of the deja-vu. Information on what's going to happen next, what would it make me feel like and so on. Fortunately, so far the actual chain of events has always been the opposite to what the gathered info has said.


I think that deja-vu is like getting a feeling of the present time or situation. Just an opinion though.


I don't know if it's related to deja-vu experiences, but there have also been periods, when I often get something deja-vu-like on a situation that's not happening at the time I'm experiencing the feeling of having experienced the situation before. For example, I was riding a bicycle and suddenly got an image with a feeling of people parking their cars on a grassy field near a forest (a completely different place from where I was riding). I felt as if I had seen it before or been there although I can't remember being in such a situation. Hmm hmm, I guess it's empathy on some kind of a feeling that's floating around the place and not related to deja-vu.


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Hey Sussch, welcome to the forum! Some people believe that these abilities & experiences are non-local to space/time. From this perspective what you've experienced makes perfect sense, and all the abilities are actually the same. I have the strong feeling for instance, that whether an event is called precognition or pk is actually matter of how you want to look at the event:)

Everyone in my familiy are strong precogs, though if one excepts what I'm saying about nonlocality & PK vs precognition. The personal resposibility implications are quite powerful. Empowering enough to make you better at pk when the connections dawn on you, but just how much of my life did I make happen? Probably all of it, lol.

I have many strong Déjà vu, obe's, & empathic experiences of displaced consciousness. It does seem that quantum entanglement supports the nonlocality idea. Though, I don't worry about convincing myself with science as much as I used to:)

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