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Snapping sounds and fear of breaking stuff

At the end of last year, I feared that I would slide my laptop off the table while sleeping. I frequently heard things snapping around me (especially when the state of mind changed - fell asleep, woke up, started meditating or practicing pk). Sometimes my laptop snapped, sometimes it was an object on the table, sometimes .. something inside the walls .. (it's concrete with steel armature). So, I always blocked the table with a chair in order to keep the laptop from falling to the floor.

I haven't had any light flickering experiences during pk practice, but snapping sounds are pretty common. It's weird that although I have been hearing snapping for a long time already, but nothing has actually moved uncontrolled. Could it be that I'm simply so afraid of it that I'm blocking my own progress in pk just because it feels safer than accidentally breaking stuff?

Edit: No, wait, now that I think about it, there have been a couple of cases of stuff falling from the shelves or tables in the kitchen.

Today I took the courage to try the light dimming exercise from psionicsonline: So far I have avoided pk practice on electronics on purpose, because I'm really afraid of messing things up. Well, I picked the 4 regular bulbs in the living room (which are unfortunately connected through a dimmer circuitry that I didn't want to blow). I dimmed them down a bit so that I could stare at the bulbs through the lamp cover. A bit later, the bulbs started making snapping noises and the lights started to flicker slightly. I kept going until a really loud snap freaked me. I quickly stopped the flickering and manually turned the light off.

It all reminded me of the following experience in a half-dream state: Another experience came into mind, when I was younger and playing a computer game with my uncle's computer. Then suddenly the bulb split in two, half of it crashed on the ground while the other half glowed on for a fraction of a second. In any case, bulbs shouldn't be snapping when I'm simply attempting to dim them. :S

How come objects can be moved without even getting a feeling of them?

Snapping sounds usually come from an object changing its shape. However, if a fragile object makes a snapping sound that's loud enough, it should break because of the rapid shapeshift, right? Well, the snapping of one of the bulbs seemed loud enough for a bulb to break. Fortunately none of the bulbs did.

As for how to lessen this snapping, I have found that frequent deep meditations help. I think my pk is just not accurate enough yet and objects kind of start to wobble, thus the snapping sound.



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This is very interesting to me both the experience of the bulb snapping in half and the experience of dimming lifts. I am currently training to be able to flicker/pulse lights at will and am open to any tips that have helped otehrs gain success in this discipline.


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Wow, really interesting! I also have fears sometimes of unintentional PK, mostly against people, so I think with love most of the time:) My unintentional PK on objects, mostly involves electicity things; lights seem to flicker whenever I'm frustrated & go out when I supress anger about something. I noticed a while back after practicing PK through a link that I found on this forum:

When my PK focus is forceful rather than gentle, electrical things tend to either pulse or go into some kind of stasis. This fequent practice often leads to unintentional DVD & streaming video freezes(till my brother throws a pillow at me and says "You're messing up the movie, cover your forehead", lol). Training with wind has also made my biofield feel thicker to me, making flame pulsing easier & more intense.

As an aside, I've found that the PK games on the link above, is very good for intention control & stasis field practice. I train with them everyday, which has enhanced PK overall. Plus you can practice without worrying about sealed environments:)

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I have the same thing, and usually when i walk into a room it originates from the lightbulbs or something creating light so im always afraid a bulb is going to shatter

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