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Post Info TOPIC: Announce: LAPDC project - Would you like to help PK be finally recognized by science?


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Announce: LAPDC project - Would you like to help PK be finally recognized by science?

Hi everybody,

I'd like to invite you to take part into a project which is running quietly since almost 2 years. It's named LAPDC.

The FAQ of the project can be found at

Basically, a team of practitioners of PK (we prefer to call it TK, for telekinesis) has joined up with a team of scientists. The aim is to prove the reality of TK in laboratories. To this aim, a protocol has been defined, carefully designed to remove any ambiguities and any possible "classical" explanation. The TK team trains its skill on this system. Another test protocol, with less psychological hindrances without sacrificing scientific rigor, is currently being designed. Results are encouraging.

We are seeking to extend the TK team. The idea is to compensate the inherent variability of performances by the number of practitioners. That's probably the way to get the "on-demand" TK scientists ask.

After experimenting with remote TK, we think we do not need to limit us to the country from where the project originates, so, here I am. If you are interested, just get in touch with us. We may send you a system so that you can train your capacities on it. Let's rock !

- Syl

PS: BTW, some members of the project are also members of this forum.

PPS: There is no "one million dollars" to win - on the other side, the project contains true open-minded scientists, not "skeptics".



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Thanks for the share Syl!

For those who can be afraid by this project, don't worry. Even if i'm not the most active member of this forum, you have already saw some of my videos and you know that i'm serious. I work in this project since nearly a year. If you want to join, don't be afraid, there are no engagement. You can work at your pace, contribute to the project as you can. If you want to leave the project, you can do it when you want, you have no obligations.

We just search the motivation in members, the goal is to make the project progress. As Syl said, there are scientists in this project who want to understand, they are open-minded and want to make a protocol with a demonstration which will not be due to an effect other than telekinesis.

We have one protocol (you can see it in the link of Syl) which has never been done before. This protocol allow to isolate the system from all the usual parameters that skeptics usually use as an arguments. The last factor is the presence of the PK practitionner. That's why we want to do the same protocole but at long distance. (i know that some of you are really good with remote PK and it will be awesome to work with you).

There is an other member of this forum who is in this project. He will tell it to you if he wants, i can't speak for him because we try to respect the confidentiality of every member of the project. I just wanted to add some informations and show you that this is a serious research.

Visit the link in the message of Syl, you will have all informations about the project, the protocole.

See you



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I was also in this project. It was a great experience. Now i'm not in it anymore for personal reasons. But i'm still in contact with them. I can say this is serious and there are a lot of telekinesist on it.

Best regards,


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