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how to "read eyes" (tutorial)

This is a Tutorial that describes how you could learn "eye reading" and what you have to know about it. Have fun in reading it! :)
"eye reading" is a sub-category of empathy. These technique allows the user to receive emotions of a living being. The focus is on the eyes in this technique which make one believe to literally "read something in someone's eyes".
This tutorial includes 4 steps but I will show you in 3 steps how to learn the basic of this technique. But before that I have to mention that I've learned and created the following method all by myself. I've made my own experiences with it. Maybe it's not the only and best way to learn how to read someone's emotion but this method is the only one I know and I can affirm to teach it someone for sure.
What to consider?
Make sure that a long lasting process with an unforeseeable ending comes up to you. Don't get discouraged though.
Like other disciplines of Psychokinesis/Telepathy you can't force results and you shouldn't! Take your time to understand the explanations and recreate them.
It is very important that you're positive about it. Someone that isn't convinced that it works and hopes to make it happen though will never attain a result.
That is the reason why:
Mechanism like Psychokinesis and Telepathy will be caused by the subconscious. The mechanism of the subconscious is difficult to explain.
All of our activities are controlled by the subconscious. So, the subconscious decides what we do or believe. What you have to do is to manipulate your subconscious to achieve any results.
How to manipulate the subconscious?
The subconscious works in a simple but efficiently pattern. It only differentiates between positive and negative emotions.
Naturally positive emotions like, "joy, euphoria, relief, etc." cause us to do or believe in something. Negative emotions cause us to don't do or believe in something for sure. The endurance of an impulse decides how much we admit something.
That is, if you believe that you can't learn telepathy years-long than you will most probably struggle to learn it at the beginning. You think it's possible indeed but your subconscious will put a spoke in your wheel.
Why? Because you feed your subconscious too long with the information that it's impossible. So you have to convince your subconscious of the contrary at first. Imagine that you are able to "read eyes" already. Imagine how you're glad about it and think about what this would mean to you.
Every positive feeling in combination with "eye reading" will influence your subconscious to work for you.
Repeat this simple procedure as much as possible to switch your subconscious' settings.
I would like to mention that it could be very exhausting to receive emotions too. Especially if one reach the stadium when it happens automatically and one doesn't know how to stop it. This could be very hard because it feels like one goes through these emotion itself.
Also I have to say that you have to learn how to empathize with someone. Just acting as an receiver of an emotion is not a big deal and it isn't helpful too! You will quickly realize that facial expressions and gestures mostly don't confirm with the emotions you receive.
You have to learn to conclude, "Who or what caused the emotion? When did the emotion was caused? How was the emotion caused?"
I created this technique on my own and advanced it to help living beings. For those who want to benefiting themselves this technique is going to annoy you more than helping you.
The learning of "eye reading" could cause a more or less bad side effect. I'm talking about, "sensibility".
Some of you may argue that they're sensitive already. Well, when I think about that the most humans forget about the dressed socks after less than 5 minutes then I would like to deny this claim.
The sensibility cause the body to realize even the tiniest feeling. I often sense a mosquito right before it's going to land on my body for example. You should watch that your sensibility doesn't turn into insanity. 
You could use meditation to build some kind of shield. Generally meditation can be very helpful for that matter but it's not necessary.
About the question, "How important is meditation and the knowledge about chakras?" I can give you a straight answer!
Of course it's important to meditate and you have to do it very often but you don't have pay that much attention to it.
All you need to know you'll find in the steps 1 to 3. You don't have to know what to do exactly! As you made your first steps as a baby you didn't knew about what your body does to make you walk either but you made it though. You did it because you wanted it to do and that's the point!
There's only one thing left to say before we finally go to step 1. Don't you ever be satisfied with the first obvious answer that confronts you. Always take the time to take several views from different perspectives. That's the way how you will grow with this technique and advance it on your own. Always try to find your own truth but be open for other views though.
Try to see your surrounding as dice instead of a picture. "You will never see more than 3 sites of a dice. That's why you have to turn it around to see it completely."
Advice, "Always think about the goal, not the way!"
If you except it all than you can finally go to the first step.
Step 1 - learn to understand emotions
At first start to document all of your emotions. It would be good to use a writing document on your PC because it's easier to correct it later if you have to...and you most probably have to.
Let's go to your first practice exercise. Place yourself in front of a mirror and watch your reactions to different feelings. Make sure that you have to make your own experiences. Don't ask someone else to get around the confrontation with the mirror. Try to cause your usual expressions and gestures. Don't make an insincere expression because that won't help you to learn this technique. Just try to cause them and attempt to recognize the differences. Notice all of your insights in your documentation.
Advice, "If you should realize that you made a mistake or were wrong about a something than simply correct it in your documentation instantly.
It's not bad to make mistakes! Just be honest to yourself and learn from your mistakes. If so, you won't do a mistake twice."
If you got to know yourself this way then start to analyze your family and friends. Write down all your insights into your documentation again. That's the way to learn how facial expressions and emotions are connected.
Because of your documentation you're able to draw comparisons with yourself. Analyzing other people must be very easy for you because you already had experiences with yourself.
Advice, "It is always helpful even in progressed stadium to draw comparisons with yourself. Empathy also means to "put yourself in someone".
Last but not least you should use your current knowledge to analyze strange/foreign people. It could be useful to know about body language to realize someone's behavior easier. As long as you bring to mind that this knowledge is only a guideline and that's conceivably only half the story. Finally you have to decide if the received emotion is a current result or an underlying protract Emotion.
Step 2 - reading your own emotions
If you have already achieved the first big successes in step 1 then try to read your own emotion in your eyes now. Place in front of the mirror again but this time go as close as possible to look straight into your own eyes. This will be difficult odd and maybe even silly at first because you don't really "read eyes". Anytime you will recognize that your eyes seem to change their shape or look. Of course this isn't really happen because it's an imagination constructed by your brain to signalize that you do "read an emotion"!
You will know it when you suddenly feel an emotion although you don't actually have a reason to feel like that.
But you're not finished already. Acquaint yourself with that feeling. At next you have to learn to indicate the differences between the emotions. It can't be that difficult. Write down your insights again. You will quickly make your own experiences.
Step 3 - reading someone else' emotions
You really can't achieve that big goals in step 2 because you just read created emotions. So, now you have to learn to use your knowledge on other people.
At first you should study a person by collecting informations that will help you to understand it's psyche and activities. It would be advisable to choose a person that you know very well. The virtue is that you can draw comparisons with obvious sights. So you can check out if you're right easily.
It should be mentioned that your chosen person may not knowing about being analyzed. On the one hand you prevent for manipulation to the other this will be much more effective for your learning process if you correctly interpret an emotion without influence the result.
Write down all of your results and experiences into your documentation again. Step 3 builds the foundation of learning "eye reading". It is very necessary to work with the documentation constantly. Everything you learn from this time on is going to build your knowledge.
Step 4 - find your own way
This step will be stay unwritten from my side because it's up to you to write the end. I can accompany you on the journey to find your own way but you have to make your own steps.
Please, never become discouraged and don't give up that fast. There's always a way to achieve your goals.
So, this is the end of this tutorial. I hope that you're able to make use of it.
If you like to know something more about it please reply to my post before you pm me because your questions could be also useful for other users. Don't be shy! I will answer all questions as good as I can. ;)
I wish you good luck and have fun!


Our will is the key to our goals.


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