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My Small Condensed Psychokinesis Tutorial For Beginners.

This is my explanation of how I developed my PK. When talking about using PK to move an object you basically are becoming the very materialization of the motion it self as it is moving LIVE right before your eyes.Your both observing as a spectator and perpetuating the motion at the same time. You have one foot in and one foot out. So this is right when the object begins to move after anticipating and believing the object can move. For example when anticipating an object rolling away (like a coke can) you must pay close attention to the smallest movements. These are micro movements. When you see that subtle motion manifesting before your eyes. You have to keep a one minded train of "visual thought" going as you stare blankly at the object when its moving. This works because your letting the motion take you by the hand. Letting it put you into a form of tunnel vision where all you see and think is the motion of the object. This further pushs the object. You must believe that you can see movements. So basically you become the perpetuation of the blossoming and steady developing motion of the object as it is moving right in front of you LIVE. Every one thousands to and inch of motion is being created by you.  Remember that the belief and anticipation of an objects motion manifesting, materializing and slow unraveling it self is what will initiate real PK movement from an object. It maybe different for some, but Im just sharing my experience here. You must also feel engaged and feel as though you can do it! Be enthusiastic, but with no ego and your emotions neutral. Dont expect anything..that is when something will happen! Believe that any motion is from you. This will help with confidence and belief! Be humble and thankful for any successes and carry them with you.. that will help you grow. The biggest thing you need is to be engaged, believe and to be enthusiastic. This is like a battery charge. The more charge (meaning engagement and belief) you have the more youll see speed and further distance too. You dont need to force it to move further or pick up speed because your subconscious mind knows what you want. If you follow my instructions everything will just happen! Remember to prove it to you first. Your the most important person to worry about when developing Telekinesis. Make it REAL for you or it will not be real at all. Its for you and no one else. smile wink Heres a video that can illustrate what Im talking about: 

 All of this worked for me so im just sharing what I know and I hope it helps you too. Thanks and good luck! 

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