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Post Info TOPIC: Step-By-Step Hold your Hand Instructional Manual for doing PK ?


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Step-By-Step Hold your Hand Instructional Manual for doing PK ?

Is there a Step-By-Step Hold your Hand Instructional Manual for doing PK ? 

With steps such as -

1. How to focus

2. What to focus on 

3. What to picture in your mind 

etc etc ... 



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Welcome to the forum!


I really liked the articles on PsiPog. The archive is still available at:

Other than that, I guess it's individual and depends on what works best for you.

You could just stare at the object, imagining what it would feel like to be the object. Eventually you would acquire the feeling of being the object.

Or you could acquire the feeling of a thick forcefield, which you can shape or warp to affect the objects in it.

Or you could visualize threads, with which you're pulling objects around.

Possibilities are endless..


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Sussch has it. Whatever works for you. I like to sort of use my energy (guessing biofeld current focus? Unsure of technical term) and visualize my molecules somewhat expanding and filling every square inch between myself and my intended target. Works wonders for pushing and cloud bursting, but I'm still not having any major successes with pulling. (I've tried the same process in reverse, so IDK. Keep trying, I guess.)
Yes, it would be nice if more manuals could be published. I'm sure you are aware Shirak (If I am correct) has books on Amazon that definitely look read worthy? Hope I've been helpful in some form.

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I can't seem to stick with any one method. I sometimes charge my third eye and use that as a way to force my intention into the object. Or I'll sometimes imagine vortices of energy coming from my hands. Or the energy vortices will just exist around the object with no connection to me besides the fact that I created it with my intention. I figure that deep down we have the connection already and we're just sending the intention to our higher selves or our subconscious that then takes control and makes it happen. I agree that whatever it is that works for you should be the way that you stick with but only so long as you don't make it a crutch. Be open to the idea that as your sensitivity and energy control grows that you are not locked into that method forever. I like to imagine real life as being a lucid dream on steroids and simply wishing something to happen makes it happen.


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