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Smoke Bending.

So here is an alternate to steam training or cloud bursting which has sharper visual feedback.

Get an incense stick in a bathroom where you can reduce or remove draft. We want the smoke to rise directly up as the incense burns.

Put the incense in a holder in front of a brightly lit window or with adequate light to highlight the smoke as it drifts.

A bigger room is better as you will have more oxygen for yourself.

As the smoke rises do the finger pinch used for close candle pulsing.

Use all your focus to create and visualize a blade or space in front of your fingers which will repel the smoke.

Next practice your clockwise and anticlockwise.

You can do chi pushes which are spectacular as they travel through the smoke.

You will find your ability to create repulsive effect is directly related to your level of focus.

The clockwise anti clockwise technique used for psi wheel move through the rising smoke like small vortexes.

And there you have it. Another way to see and receive feedback for your constructs and energy projection.


On a personal note: My Psi blade is getting better though its length when I hold it in the smoke projects a visual area of effect of only about -7 inch as I train I hope to extend its area of effect. It does take one pointed focus to maintain it and repel the smoke in its area of visualization. Regardless the visual is very rewarding as are the clockwise anticklockwise vortex projections.


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Smoke bending has been one of my favorites as well.

While preparing sauna at the summerhouse, there's a lot of smoke in the sauna building. With sun shining in through a small window (rectangular hole in the wall), there's a pillar of sunlit smoke. Really good for practising constructs and stasis.

Smoke rising from chimneys is nice for shaping as well.

Incense stick smoke can also be used to draw various shapes in the air.


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Nice to see I'm not the only one that's used incense for it. Get some very cool strobing, pulsing, and blasting effects as a good way to practice,"Close Quarter Clouds." Been thinking of filling Tupperware with some smoke and seeing what sort of effects I can create? Think incense as it's a darker smoke, or cig smoke. Will figure something out at some point. Thanks for the share, X. Nice YouTube work, BTW.

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