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Noob questions

Hey guys, 

Young nerd here. Just got into this last week. So far I've got the psi-wheel going but nothing else. Just have a few questions  - delighted to hear answers from anyone speaking from their own experience!


1. Have you noticed any effect that diet or drugs has on your ability to move objects with your mind?

2. Do you find you are more effective when breathing predominantly through your left or right nostril - or when both are open?

3. Do you find you are more effective when breathing in / breathing out / holding your breath / or when you are comfortably between breaths?

4. What, if any, impact does "trying" have on the movement of your target?

5. The heaviest or biggest thing you might have moved?


Any and all comments appreciated :)


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Hmmm good questions, I never thought about some of this...As for 5, a remote controller :) But that is if you dont count all that 'big' stuff which dissapears and you find it like months after in some really obvious place?!


Ah forget my signature, I have nothing smart to a few months I will change my opinion probably :~p

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1. Don't take drugs; though I guess I enjoy coffee:)

2. No difference

3. No difference

4. Sometimes it pushes me to a new level, & other times it gets in the way

5. Outdoors, a huge water wheel & weather manipulations are kind of immeasurable. Indoors, very large furniture which I tend to geist daily. I can reliably initiate the poltergeist conditions to some degree. Once the geists are in progress I can sometimes gain control of the movement vectors if the last long enough. It's sort of like taking control of an inarticulate field effect coming from my body.

6. Welcome to to forum:)

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"Worry about self delusion, after you have succeeded." -Owltwelve
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