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My Ideas On The Philosophy Of Spirituality.

Hey everyone again. I wanted to uplaod another live video of me talkin about a good subject on spirituality. I wanna start a debate on whether we as parents own a child. Because if you think about we are all possessed by older spirits from the past. We really dont own each other. i begin talkin about it on 6:57. you can skip to that. What you all think of this? The whole video is very good though. Here is the video: 

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Ricky Cespedes

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Disclaimer: I haven't watched the video yet, nor have I had children, nor have I any confirmed memories of my own past lives.

Perhaps children are like tulpas? No matter what's on the mind of the parents, the child will have a mind of their own. Some aspects are inherited (possession by similar spirits - ref to FullMetal Alchemist?), but there are always differences. The same with reincarnation - each life is different. The same with moments within a single lifetime - each moment is different. There are a lot of different emotions, feelings (possessions) intermixing every moment .. each time one meets another or even just glances at another person. The universe is boiling of consciousness and much like the transfer of flavours in a soup (flavours that go well together), there's a transfer of feelings / sensations / possessions that fit together. The less picky one is about the flavours, the more flavours they can taste.

Excuse my rambling.

I wanted to express my opinion that nobody owns nobody and in this current society, parents treat their children all wrong. At least, I remember being disappointed about how my parents treated me. Expected them to be a lot wiser - parents, after all. Hmm .. so maybe children treat their parents all wrong too?

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The unreal hath no being; there is no non-being of the Real; ~Krishna

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Parents don't own children; it's more appropriate to say that parents are responsible for them. Children have inalienable human rights; their vulnerability & lack of experience is immaterial. The human spirit is not a thing to be possessed:)

"Worry about self delusion, after you have succeeded." -Owltwelve
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