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how what and when

how is everyone doing im hear cause i started to do telekinesis about 7 years practice off and on. Only reason i kept going is because my mind was open to the possibilities through TV. after a while of trying when i first started trying to move a pen with directions from YouTube it moved maybe a centimeter and its scared me and excited me at the  same time so i stopped nd quit for maybe 5 years. but as off recent ive been able to move a object. and things are different for as birds and squires act different around me when i walk pass almost as if there scared of me or i bring bad vibes another usual thing is fighting between birds and squirls when i walk pass i also feel different alot of feeling i never felt like someone elses sometimes i feel like im being wtched doing telekenis other time i dont and thats just n my room alone and im around people they seem to not even know im there sometimes i brush it off most times because i aint tryna be looked at as crazy and no telling whats the consequences if some someone really found out. respond if anybody has same problems or anymore info how to use the ability


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First of all, welcome to the forum!

Moving a pen .. that's cool!

You can change your vibes. Just visualize having good vibes and make sure the focus remains ticking in your semi-subconscious mind. Keep this going for a week or two and you should notice the difference. Keeping it in focus for that long may be a bit tricky. You could do this by changing your habits and assigning the visualization to one of your new habits. This way each time you act on it, it enforces the visualization. There's a catch, though - make sure it doesn't end up as a crutch. It's the mind, not the habit that's behind it all.

To train the mind, you can meditate and perform the visualization from a state of trance. By meditating often enough, your mind will start getting in trance automatically. Develop it further and you can maintain focus for a longer period of time. Meditation also works wonders on spiritual development and psychokinesis.

If there's a dude tailing you, ask them what's up (preferably from sleep or trance). If they have a problem, then you might be the best candidate for solving it. If they're just malicious "just because", then a visualization of sincere love and compassion might dispel their evil.


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